“Automobile” terminals. Replenishing…

S – thickness, https://jiji.ng/cars/nissan where through a slash – this is when in dads the actual part that is inserted into the mother is two-layer. Unless the elongated "daddies" pleasantly surprised, and now you can take them straight without breaking off. The terminals are not magnetic. Well, the following came to me: drop on male-female connection at 5A current: for 2.8mm 6mV (1.2mΩ) ) However, all "dads" have noticeably thicker metal than the corresponding "mothers" for 6.3mm 4mV (0.8mΩ) It is better to buy normal thick metal terminals either in electrical stores or order online, but from well-known manufacturers in order to see the declared characteristics in advance. In general, four-way terminals can be taken, but, I repeat, for non-critical applications. I started to run out of terminals, I decided to buy some.
I shopped in several places. for 4.8mm 4.8mV (0.96mΩ)
The sizes are like this.

"Automobile" terminals. UPD: asked to measure the resistance of the contacts. In particular, I ordered sets of dad and mom of 100 pieces in sizes 2.8 / 4.8 /6.3mm here, long dads 6.3 with a lock here, moms 6.3 with a lock here. Well, I want to immediately draw your attention to the fact that in this case the metal is usually thin, although it is quite rigid, but these are definitely terminals for non-critical applications, for any low current and small sections. Replenishing stocks.

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