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Triumph Rocket tips

Triumph Rocket tips

First. Appearance. Ohhh… The English designers did their best here. When I saw this device only in pictures, it seemed to me something disproportionate. A kind of soupy set of parts stuck around a car engine. But having met with my own eyes, I realized that everything is harmonious and balanced. The whole appearance of the motorcycle is full of power and scale. At the first meeting, the dimensions simply suppress. You feel small and helpless. One single thought left in my head, timidly looking for somewhere to hide. “How can this be managed?!” In general, this should be seen. No pictures and videos can convey the true dimensions of the tragedy. Find the "rocket" live and just stand next to it. No more words are needed. Another feature. If you wanted a motorcycle for everyone’s attention and show-off, then this is it too. Not a single plastic, even gold in flashlights, gives so many views. Moreover, the appearance is universal. Bikers in sports and girls from pink cars will look at you. Every stop is automatically a press conference. Leaving it at the store means going out with purchases to immediately find around the “triumph” a circle of men with burning eyes, vividly discussing how many cylinders are there and how much it is rushing. And then you understand how movie stars and medium-sized pop stars feel – so much attention is cool at first, then tolerable, then annoying. Then you memorized “three cylinders. yes, three. yes it happens. two and three liters. yes. Yes, more than in your Corolla. no, not harley.
English. triumph. yes, damn. no, it’s not hard. Yes I love. No, I won’t let you ride. no, I’m not interested that your friend has a liter sport." and so on. Second. Behavior on the road. This is where the whole essence of this bike comes into play. The very low center of gravity of a dry sump inline engine gives it incredible stability. Heavy in place. Yes. Highly. It’s hard to move 400 kilograms out of habit. But as soon as you start moving, the weight disappears. Of course, do not expect special agility, but the ease of control and size are strongly dissonant with each other. This is surprising. By far the strongest feature of touring is its native element – the highway. Here he stands on the trajectory like a glove. No other mote in my memory gave such a feeling of confidence. Bad asphalt? Nonsense. Rutting? Nonsense. Strong side wind and overtaking a truck? Lord, what are you talking about?! On any light motorcycle, such overtaking is a feat and miracles of balancing act. Here it’s just overtaking. The first association on the road is a car. Goes smoothly, steadily and reliably. This is where all its mass is at work. Do not forget about the elastic power of the titanic engine. At any speed, overtaking takes place faster than you can say the word "overtaking". Turning the throttle and rrrr … we are already ahead. Compared to their fellow "Roadster" on the "Touring", the dimensions of the wheels are different. The thinner rear roller may not make it as spectacular to start, but it provides fantastic handling. Lays in turn literally
by effort of thought. In general, I hit 12 thousand kilometers from July to November. I don’t understand Sunday bikers. For me, only the snow came down — the car in the garage. Until the next snow. Motorcycle everywhere. And in any weather. Called himself a motorcyclist – get into the raincoat. No other way. Maximalism. We smoothly move on to the third – the engine. This is what they buy this bike for. Yes. This is why it is on par with the gold and harley, with much less equipment of all sorts of tsatskami. Two and three tenths of a liter is beyond the imagination of the inhabitants of the tin boxes on four wheels that surround them at every stop. Tuning a touring engine is very different from tuning the same engine on a roadster model. Therefore, to get a spectacular slip simply by turning the throttle is not so easy. And acceleration is not so intense. But elasticity! Having left on a country road, you simply turn on the fifth, highest, gear and forget about the existence of the box. In the range from 40 to 200 km / h you go like a machine. And on the endless long-range, the hackneyed expression "road eater" comes to mind. No, of course you can change the firmware, it’s not difficult, and you will have the same dragster power surge as on the roadster, but why? Our element is the highway, albeit with Russian asphalt. Our cruising speed is 150-160. A little about the sound. Hohoho! This is the first motorcycle in my memory, in which the engine itself sounds louder than the sound of the exhaust. The stock release is not heard at all. Pure light snorting no
does not cause associations with two-wheeled transport. Sometimes only, during gas changes, characteristic pops “kakbe hintae”, but also very quiet. But the motor … The motor is our everything. A sophisticated multi-tone whistling sound will always allow you to accurately identify Rocket III. Winding the first thousand on the roads of Russia, I tried to understand what this sound reminds me of. Um. The closest idea is that you were put under the hood of some American multi-liter pickup truck. The monotonous rumble when driving at one speed is not loud and therefore does not annoy. We unscrew the gas sharply to the stop. Wow! A gigantic roar that excites the blood. The nearest natural sound is a volcanic eruption. Great. By the way, when the ignition is turned on, it is impossible to start the engine immediately. First you need to wait until the squeak of the injection pump subsides (three seconds) and then press the start button. Starts up easily. If you step on the gas on the spot, then you can feel the character of an in-line large-caliber trio – the motorcycle shudders and noticeably rolls to the right. Very similar to the effect in clips about street racers, when they accelerate before the start. It is worth noting that this effect does not exist on the go. There is vibration. But not critical. But there is. Box. The box has five gears. It would seem that six is ​​not the limit for a modern motorcycle. But according to subjective feelings, three would be enough here. One is to start and push in a traffic jam, the second is to drive around the city and the third is on the highway. It would be enough. The performance of the box is quite acceptable. Of course, the musical ringing and clarity of the Honda is here
no, but it works quite well. The first kilometers were a little tight, and either the first or the second took off, I don’t remember. Alert. But after the break-in, everything got used and began to work clearly and correctly. The lever travel is relatively small. An interesting feature is the lever with two platforms. those. if you wish, you can remember your youth with "Izh Jupiter" and increase the gears with your heel. At first, I did it for fun. But then he got tired and began to work with the toe of his boot, as usual. By the way, the lever is separate, and the back can be simply removed. This is not without reason, because purely ergonomically not very convenient, the rear platform of the lever is located next to the side stop. And when, stopping, without looking down, you throw back the side stop with a massive motorboat, then theoretically there is a chance of accidentally sticking the second one. If at the same time you stand close behind the cayenne, then the sensations will be remembered for a long time. Very characteristic sounds from the box. Especially while it was running. I repeat – there is no musical ringing here. I compared the sound with the bolt of a heavy machine gun. It is immediately felt that the gears of not weak sizes are interlocked inside. And the term of one of the touring commercials is “British Heavy Machinery”, which is just right here. There is no reverse speed. Alas. Not naked. Sometimes it’s not enough, of course. The very first thing you learn on this bike is to choose your parking spot very carefully. To ideally then start off from there forward. Rolling weights, especially on rough roads and uphills, is a way to quickly pump up
muscles. I would not say that it is very annoying, with proper habit and skill it turns out, but it is better to avoid it. Small amenities that have already become standard on motorcycles. If the moto is on the footboard and the gear is engaged, the engine will not start. If you turn on the speed on the footboard and in neutral, then it immediately stalls. Devices. According to the classic appearance of a tourist cruiser, the instruments are located on the tank and there is a minimum of them. In fact, only the speedometer and fuel level. The speedometer is calibrated up to 200 km., According to my observations, the error of indications, if any, is small. The fuel gauge is also pointer, but without numbers. Tank volume of 22.5 liters. Although all onlookers are surprised when asking. In appearance, it looks like at least twice as large. The engine is large and therefore efficiency is not its strong point. With a quiet ride on the highway at a speed of about 120 km / h, the tank is enough for 300-320 km. The city is much less, about 240 km. Calculate the consumption figures yourself. Further on the “dashboard” there is also a small monochrome display. Which shows the odometer and one more of the options to choose from. You can choose one of two daily mileage counters, hours and number of kilometers on the remaining fuel. The last reading is the most valuable. I would say extremely comfortable. Because it shows very accurately. Readings are updated about once a minute, according to your rhythm of movement. After refueling, as well as the fuel gauge, they are not set immediately, but gradually, as on many foreign cars. My
opinion – if there is an indicator of the remaining kilometers, the fuel level scale itself is not needed. At least I rarely look at her. And in its place they could put a tachometer, as on the “triumph speedmaster” model. Yes, there is no tachometer on the touring. In fact, it is not needed. But the habit – sometimes you want to look. There is even an idea to put it from the "roadster", where the speedometer and tachometer are in separate cases and stand on the steering wheel. The readings on the display are switched with one button on the right remote control. It’s a little far to pull your finger, but it’s not required all the time, so don’t care. Resetting the daily counters and setting the hours is done by the same button. Everything is obvious and simple, without looking into the manual. In addition to the above, there are also indicator lights, quite a standard set. Therefore, I will not focus on them. In the dark, all this glows with a soft white light. It reads well and does not interfere. About "read". The location on the tank itself is quite low, so you need to tilt your head to look at the instruments. This is where the understanding of the open helmet on this type of motorcycle comes in. Because in the integral it is very awkward to look through the arc. But on the empty steering wheel there is a lot of free space. Where can you put anything. From the navigator to the audio combine, special bags, coasters for mugs, thermoses and coffee makers. Since I started on the instruments, I will continue on the electrical equipment. Everything is standard here. Ordinary headlight. Dimensions. turn signals. The turn signals turn off automatically. I don’t remember very well how
The manual is written, but it seems that the sensor turns them off in time, after a few seconds and according to the distance traveled. That is, if you turn on and stand at the traffic lights, they will not turn off before the turn. And with high-speed overtaking on the track, too. I still have an optional chandelier hanging. What’s nice is that the chandelier power button is provided immediately on the left block, so you don’t need to hang any additional switches. The headlight lights up immediately when the ignition is turned on. There is no light switch. There is only near/far. It’s comfortable. But everyone seems to be like that. No LEDs. Only light bulbs, only rub, only hardcore. I can’t see well at night, so I try not to drive. But according to estimates, the light is quite enough. Especially with a chandelier. Adjusting the headlights is not very convenient and adequate, but this is done once, so it’s not scary. After the Honda, the fuses are not very conveniently located – under the seat. I, with the optional touring split seat, need to unscrew three Allen screws to get to them. And for some reason they are of two sizes. Small and big. The meaning of this is not clear. I carry spares for both types with me. From the electrics, I also have optional heated and continuously adjustable steering wheel knobs. Very useful in our latitudes. It is very good that all connectors for options are provided in advance. You raise the tank (it leans back on a hinge here) and under it there are immediately connectors ready for everything you need. Chandelier, heated handles, separate clocks, and much more. Diagnostic
the connector is located in a special rubber pocket, next to the battery. Brakes. Um. They are. Perhaps all that can be said. Pretty powerful brake discs, which are double in front, which are not weak in size, single in the back. But you can’t fool physics. And the weight of the motorcycle does not allow us to call braking extremely effective. Still not a sportbike. Let’s just say that the brakes are sufficient. And for the driving style, “a solid and imposing tourist” is more than sufficient. Especially note the ABS. She works efficiently. The main thing to remember is that this is not a panacea. You have to drive like it’s not there. And in an extreme moment, she will already help. The rear wheel, of course, works much more often. It is enough even on dry pavement to press the brake harder and a chirring with a smooth twitch is heard. It helps well on dusty surfaces, well, crushed stone, ice – this is understandable. Ice, this is no joke. There was a precedent. I usually finish the season late. I go to the end. Well, I did it this year. And waking up in the morning found a blizzard and ice. Dressed warmer and shuddering went to the parking lot. In general, 15 km on city roads, on snow and ice. Yeah. On summer tires. With a speed of 40-50. But I got to the garage. Since I’m talking about "extreme" types of driving, I’ll mention how this bike falls. Falling in the full sense of the word, pah, pah, pah, was not necessary. But I had to drive often on dirt roads of very poor quality. I must say right away that touring does not like them. Highly. It’s very hard to drive. Even purely physically. Well, it happened to fall on its side on
near zero speed. So. Touring does not fall on its side. On the "Roadster" in stock are front arcs. On the "touring" rear. When I bought, I put the front optional to the heap. There is not much security. So what? It doesn’t even get to the point. The bike has one more wide frame tubes under the driver’s footrests, they are almost invisible in the photo, on which the bike falls down when falling. In fact, it just collapses a little. And that’s it. At a low speed, it passes without loss and scratches of anything. Speaking of falling, I’ll tell you how to pick it up. The principle has been repeatedly considered on forums and YouTube, using the example of gold. It has the same mass and principle. Here are the same Faberge, side view. If you collapsed to the left, then we sit down, rest our sacrum against the seat, take hold of the arches with our hands and get up. When reaching a vertical position, gently push the footboard, put it on it, exhale. The main thing is not to overdo it in a jerk, so as not to drop it in the other direction. Well, if the mot lies on the right side, then it’s even easier – first we put forward the footrest, then according to the same algorithm – sit down, butt to the seat, hands on the arcs, – stand up. There is no need to protect yourself here – the mot will stand on the bandwagon. Comfort. I say right away – I have a fad for comfort, so almost everything here is optional. The first is touring glass. My respect and recommendation. If your height is above 182 cm, then a must have. If lower, then think – it may be uncomfortable in the rain. Since all stock parts are given to the owner during the upgrade, out of curiosity I also rolled on stock glass.
I can compare. In the photo, where the moped is standing in the fields, it’s just stock. After touring, the feeling that there is no glass. Generally. I sincerely do not understand how people light on nakeds. Only in a closed helmet, the wind whistles, insects "otakue" and other joys. Behind the high glass is silence, peace and grace. You can go without a helmet at all, which is not true of course. But with an open helmet, it’s easy. I have a shark evoline 2 hat, so I close it only in the rain. All other misfortunes are cut off. The glass is snapped on and removed in one go. It is convenient when you need to bring it home and wash it well. Steering wheel. Very wide, grippy. At first, it’s unusual. You ride like Mowgli on a buffalo. Then you get used to it and start to screw it in deftly and quickly. The tank is wide, at first it is unusual. Now it seems that the mot itself is not so big. I even want something more. It’s funny. Under the tank on the left side there is an optional socket for any needs. I have a navigator powered by it, which the usual apple phone successfully works with. The socket works all the time, regardless of the ignition key. The seat was immediately set to tourist. With driver and passenger backs. Separate. those. you can remove the rear and ride on the "egoist" (By the way, it’s also beautiful, a kind of "bagger"). The driver’s backrest is adjustable in height (you need a key) and inclination (6 positions. Adjustable with a special handle). Under the feet are wide and comfortable platforms. Invaluable for long hauls. There are offsets on the front arcs. I thought I would use them more often, but on our
directions, and not roads, was not as convenient as dreamed. The rear rack is strong and secure. You can attach a backpack to it with a net. The passenger also has large platforms under their feet. The seat is soft and the back is comfortable. The girls are flummoxed. They are especially accustomed to being the second number on some sportbike, after which they have to shake their spine out of their shorts. The design of the motorcycle itself suggests that it is possible and necessary to ride together and with a load. According to the passport, the maximum load is 240 kg. Large, roomy. Rubber bottom inside. Mesh pockets on the outside. In the left is a small purse with a minimum of tools. Since I travel a lot, I booked this wardrobe trunk as a "household" one. There I have tools, a zip, raincoats, a cover for a motorcycle and other little things. The lids are locked with the ignition key. Removed with a screwdriver by turning the two latches. Everything is quite simple. One thing – I stinted on metal lining on the covers. And they got scratched very quickly. But since I will still do a full airbrush, I was not very upset. I will order patches. There is a lot of chrome on this mot. Both factory and Kuryakinsky. I want to add a top case too. Sometimes not enough. Service. Everything is simple and banal here. I took a salon mot, but I live very far from the dealer. So I do everything myself. There is nothing complicated. All operations are standard. The air filter of considerable size is located under the seat, next to the battery. Oily, on the contrary, small,
want to say. Virtually none of the optional parts were fixed properly. And sooner or later all the options had to be reinstalled. And something will have to be repaired, because the consequences were simply dangerous. Of course, being over 4000 km. Warranty claims are pointless. Well, God be their judge. Tellingly, I asked to be present during the process of installing options, they refused me, citing the intimacy of the process. It would be better if I put everything myself. Here I will add. Subtlety. The volume of the engine is such that do not even try to start from the pusher. Tried. Even with the fifth turned on, pushing is unrealistic. When the engine stalls sharply on the go due to a blown fuse, the rear wheel breaks into a skid instantly. And the situation was like this. Bad uncles from Moscow connected the chandelier incorrectly. She turns on. Lit. And after 15 minutes, it starts to burn naturally. With smoke from under the tank. Then all (!) fuses fly out and the northern fur animal comes. At that moment I was driving along a very narrow mountain road in Altai. The roadside is rubble and a cliff. Night. Dark. No stars. So imagine my feelings when you fly 80 km / h and suddenly find yourself in complete darkness. Kromeshnoy. You can’t even see along the road you are still going or across. The world is out. And the engine too. The rear wheel, respectively, is a stake. Purely on instinct managed to squeeze the clutch and barely slowed down. Already on gravel. To say that the hands and feet were trembling is an understatement. Feelings are indescribable. Well, I always

Mercedes-Benz E 260 I want to tell you that I am pleased with him by car. Even more comfortable cars, їzda on which bring a lot of satisfaction. Spacious interior and a great trunk tezh є important pluses for me. It’s great to do a great job, but for family trips, it’s not enough for a day. It’s expensive to get the service to the service, but the car doesn’t break down so often. An important nuance – for such cars, used parts from the selection are more suitable for new ones. 04/20/2021 I want to say that I am more than satisfied with the car. Even more comfortable cars, їzda on which bring a lot of satisfaction. Spacious salon that. more I don’t care where to go, it’s hot, frost -30 wines, I’ll start up and go. The comfort is super in independence from the broken roads, pratsyuє all types of the hatch to the headlight range 07.11.2021 It’s all right where to go, the heat is frost -30 wines, I’ll start and go. The comfort is super in the independence of the roads, pratsyuє all types of the hatch to the headlight corrector more

Mercedes-Benz E 260

I want to tell you that I am pleased with him by car. Even more comfortable cars, їzda on which bring a lot of satisfaction. Spacious interior and a great trunk tezh є important pluses for me. It’s great to do a great job, but for family trips, it’s not enough for a day. It’s expensive to get the service to the service, but the car doesn’t break down so often. An important nuance – for such cars, used parts from the selection are more suitable for new ones.

04/20/2021 I want to say that I am more than satisfied with the car. Even more comfortable cars, їzda on which bring a lot of satisfaction. Spacious salon that. more

I don’t care where to go, it’s hot, frost -30 wines, I’ll start up and go. The comfort is super in independence from the broken roads, pratsyuє all types of the hatch to the headlight range

07.11.2021 It’s all right where to go, the heat is frost -30 wines, I’ll start and go. The comfort is super in the independence of the roads, pratsyuє all types of the hatch to the headlight corrector more