How to turn a gaming chair

How to turn a gaming chair

We spent an indefinite hour sitting at the computer. 8 years out of 24 have been carried out on a robot. Tse third of our life. It doesn’t matter, it’s practical, but it’s better, but most of the day goes by itself like this. To that, before the choice of the armchair varto, it is so very grounding, as before the choice of the bed, de mi the third of life is carried out. So, you can obviously sit at the computer, even on stools, but still, be the same people want comfort. The very same thing is the main tasks of gaming chairs, which have become more popular in the last hour. Although the term "gaming" itself is no longer correct: you want to sit handily not only for an hour of heat, but also in the process of working. The number of such armchairs became more and more at once. Not only a variety of colors, but a large streamer of a single color. The selection of gaming chairs is a great number, as well as an assortment. The selection of prices is also great. Today’s editorial gg will try to tell our readers how to turn your armchair and pay respect to us in front of you.

Criteria for choosing a gaming chair

Maybe, for no one will be told those who, when buying an armchair, marvel at the old look and feel, as if they could see it. But really, there are much more important characteristics. Some of them are completely obvious and understood. And it’s less likely to know about a part of the coristuvachi, yakі tsіlespryamovanno vyvchali pitanya. So, the visual part is important, but what if you love a beautiful armchair to fall apart after a few months? Abo on the new soil the upholstery is peeling off and there will not be so quiet an eye? First, you need to understand that a "gaming" chair is not a guarantee that you will be comfortable in a new place. Now more subject. The main criteria, on the basis of a varto to increase respect for the choice of an armchair: frame and maximum tension, rosemary, upholstery material, lining, construction and base material, diameter and cover of the wheel, adjustability, ergonomics. On all of these characteristics, we are remarkably and more detailed, to what extent such features are the most important.

Material for the frame is the most desirable

The frame of a kind of gaming chair is crushed from a steel pipe. Ale, okrіm the quality of steel itself, vіrіznyayutsya і the characteristics of the pipe, and the process of preparation itself. The most budgetary models can have a pipe with a diameter of 15 mm. But more importantly, more is prepared with victorian tubes with a diameter of 17 mm. Tse – the main part of the larger-lesser gaming chairs on the market. The stench can sound up to 150 kg. At the top solutions, the frame of the cracks is made of steel pipes with a thickness of 2 mm and a diameter of 22 mm. Such models can weigh up to 200 kg. If the manufacturing process is carried out, then the frame can be assembled together with a path of zvaryuvannya of all the details. Abo vikoristovuetsya single piece of trumpet, which zginaetsya all over the country for the removal of the necessary form. Such a construction is free of zvaryuvalny seams and є more superfluous and durable.

At the Anda Seat Kaiser 2 armchair, the TitanSteelAD frame is made from steel pipes with a diameter of 22 mm and a body of 2 mm. When bending, the pipe bends along all the main structures, so the frame cannot be welded. The armchair shows significant weight up to 200 kg.

The size of the armchair is important

It is very important to sign up for the necessary maximum commitment to the armchair. Ale, not less importantly, pick up the remembrances. І h cim the situation is folded. The skin armchair is optimally suited to the stature of the body and the complexion of the body. The height and width of the backrest, the width and depth of the seat, the distance between the armrests, their height can be adjusted from the model to the model. All the differences between the worlds are directly poured into those, how many specific people will be comfortable in this chair. Virobniki zazvuyut all tsі razmiri at the specifications of their models. Ale, sorry, don’t ryatuє. In this way, before buying a varto, know the model, how it got you hooked, in offline stores, sit on it, to understand what will be handy. There are no other options. Most of the makers publish their models in a single size. Also, yakshcho rozmir not pidijshov – varto shukat shchos іnshe. Ale є th іnshі pіdhіd. All armchairs of the Anda Seat brand are available at three sizes, as they are marked with the designations M, L and XL, which are familiar to us according to the clothes. So, as the model has already become worthy of you, you can choose the required size.

Model Anda Seat T-Pro 2 back width at shoulders – 60.5 cm, distance between armrests – 73-75 ,5 cm, width of the seat base in the middle – 42 cm, width of the seat base with side sides – 58 cm, adjustment of the armrest – 2.5 cm, diameter of the wheel base – 76 cm, backrest length – 87 cm, adjustment of the height of the armrest – 9 cm , the height from the bottom to the seat is 63.5-78 cm, the depth of the seat is 54 cm, the height from the bottom to the base of the seat is 49-56 cm.

Which may be the upholstery material

Because of the upholstery of the armchairs, everything is tsіkavіshe and raznomanіtnishe. Іsnuє kіlka main options, yakі zastosovuyutsya among the most important models. The widest option is piece shkir. Ale vona is also acclaimed for the technology of preparation, and victorious for the production of materials. Behind her dominance, she is surprisingly natural, while being cheap. Cheap options for piece shkiri, which are worn in budget models, are easily worn, wiped and can crackle after a splash of high or low temperatures. The expensive models have more high quality materials. For example, the Anda Seat armchairs have DuraXtra AD Leather with a wet finish and a variety. Tsya piece shkіra stіyk to mechanical poshkodzhen, plâm brudu, long zalishaetsya elastic and mіtsnoy. І її easy to clean.

Now let’s move on to another option. Є armchairs with fabric upholstery. Well, I know, there is a different quality, and cheap options are quickly torn and wiped. At the expensive armchairs, fabric lint is actively victorious. It’s already enduring and visibly misses the wind, so it’s comfortable to sit in such an armchair for years on end. Such a fabric looks aesthetically pleasing, but it is also suitable for dotik. But she has her own minuses. First of all, she’s more powerful at a glance. And in a different way, they will be covered with whips on it. If you can easily wipe off spilled gas water, then a flame will be lost on the linen fabric. Well, the most expensive upholstery option is sensible, natural shkira. Її Vicory is already in the most top models.

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Anda Seat armchairs are available with different upholstery options, including piece skin, linen fabric and natural Napa skin, like in luxury car seat interiors. One of the most popular models Anda Seat T-Pro 2 is available in various colors, both with a piece sheet and with a lined upholstery.

Repair of armchairs

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