Irrigator Conair Interplak WJ8 after two years of use

So be careful! Interestingly, this model is not available on the company’s websites, maybe it is no longer produced? Verdict: The thing is worth the money, even more than.

Irrigator Conair Interplak WJ8 after two years of use

Attention, the store disappeared from Ali for two years, and sellers with a similar product were not found. Therefore, the link is only to the picture of the order. For oral care, boiled water at room temperature and special solutions recommended
specialists. Only a picture of the order remained. The gums are not massaged. This faucet has never been used at all. At maximum pressure, the tank is emptied in about a minute. Outwardly they differ in plastic color: blue for 110V, green for 220V.

rinsed with water at the same time. tube. Its purpose is apparently in the use of various liquids in different compartments, such as rinse aid and plain water. Yes, and this model is no longer sold on Ali, although if you wish, you can find it on third-party resources, such as Ebay It is not recommended to use tap water, as the dangerous bacteria contained in it can get on the mucous membranes, and then oral care will not have the desired effect. Double 2×250 ml removable reservoir (although if filled to the brim it will be 2×300 ml) with compartment switching. Dentists recommend using the irrigator once a day. With increasing pressure, shocks are less frequent, but more powerful. A few more photos. Unfortunately, the seller from whom I took this device for two years disappeared on the site. The tube is twisted into a spiral, the length of the tube in the working position is 80 cm, the maximum length is 100 cm. Its additional function is a deep massage of the gums in order to improve blood circulation and active tissue regeneration.
The use of the device is contraindicated in the acute stage of periodontal disease, as well as in preschool children who still lack motor skills. Now let’s move on to the actual review. Although of course this is all subjective, and the maximum will seem small to someone. The peculiarity of the irrigator is that it cleans the oral cavity with the help of a powerful pressure of a water jet, which effectively flushes out plaque that a toothbrush could not cope with.
Why Conair and not Waterpik? Speaking of pressure.
Although Conair is also quite a company, anyone who is interested can read more on the Internet. And gradually wound up to the maximum, in vain of course. Irrigator use – indications Now the krutilka more often stands in the middle position, that’s enough for me. BUT, when I was looking for reviews on this irrigator, I came across information that the tank switch sometimes fails. Water comes in pulsating shocks. To begin with, I note that there are two versions of this irrigator model, with different power standards – WJ8 for 110V and WJ8K for 220V.
At first, some public information from the Internet – what is this thing and what it is eaten with. – pregnant women, since during pregnancy, especially careful oral hygiene is required in order to prevent the formation of inflammation, tartar, caries, and periodontal disease; suffering from periodontal disease in the early stages; Maybe I didn’t search correctly, or not there? Therefore, I immediately put it in the middle position: water flows simultaneously from two compartments, and did not touch it for more than two years. Why is it necessary to use an irrigator? It should be noted that the irrigator is not an alternative to a toothbrush. However, plaque and food debris tend to accumulate in hard-to-reach places such as interdental spaces and periodontal pockets. The rubber on the tips of the periodontal nozzles has only slightly darkened, which can be seen in the photo. More on this below.
Water consumption directly depends on the set pressure mode. – those who have installed braces, veneers, crowns, implants – the use of this device greatly facilitates the care of orthodontic systems; The fact is that regular use of a toothbrush and dental floss provides only a superficial cleanliness of the teeth and gums.
In total, for two years, with careful handling, nothing burned out, nothing broke. Although the old model WJ7 is available on the site and for sale in various stores, for example here. Or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place? I must say right away that I didn’t try to look for Tao, because I don’t know how. Although quite a lot of attention is currently paid to oral hygiene, not everyone is familiar with such an issue as the use of an irrigator. This review is not a new purchase, unpacking and performance test, but an opinion on the operation of a Chinese irrigator after two years of use. Use of the irrigator – features At the bottom of the tank there is a valve for supplying water to the irrigator. When the tank is removed from the body, the valve automatically closes. During the first use, I first tried it at a low level, and something was not impressive. To each his own, everyone has different taste preferences and income levels. – patients with hormonal disorders. Actually, the use of the irrigator is carried out in combination with other oral hygiene devices. On the handle of the irrigator there is a button to temporarily shut off the flow of water for ease of use. Mostly on the Internet there are reviews on WaterPik devices, so I wanted to fill this gap. There is a capacity switch on the side. I do NOT recommend using this button at the set maximum pressure, judging by the sound the pump starts to work with an overload, so you can burn it.
And their untimely removal leads to the appearance and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and, as a result, the occurrence of caries, stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis and other rather dangerous and unpleasant diseases. The use of an irrigator is especially relevant for: This device removes only food debris and fresh plaque and does not cope with pigmented and old plaque. The plastic of the body and nozzles did not change color, and did not crack. I beat my gums, tester, damn it.

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