Oimaster MR-6203 dock for 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives in 5.25″ bay

The dock is designed for installation in a free 5.25" bay of a PC case. This is slightly longer than the latest models of 5.25" optical drives, so in compact enclosures may present some difficulties.
And for a 3.5" drive, they installed TC4953 – a dual MOSFET for 30V, 5A package SOIC-8:
The quality of board cleaning from flux residues can be described as average. Indication and power control board, rear view: There are transistor keys for this – the 5V line for a 2.5" drive is handled by a key in the SOT23 package:
If you pull them further, the lever system pushes the drives out of the case. The product was provided for writing a review by the store. < br />The length of the flexible part of the cables outside the housing is 400 mm. On its front panel there are two bays for placing drives, closed with hinged covers with the ability to lock with a key, two power switches, two power indication eyes/ activity and two USB 3.0 connectors.The color of the front panel is black, no options. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
The package arrived in a simple corrugated cardboard box. The same, front view: For the operator, this looks like a change in the brightness of the indicators. The device is a passive adapter, so the data transfer rate does not decrease. The plastic covers of the compartments were somewhat upset – I think that metal ones can be made for this price.

Oimaster MR-6203 dock for 2.5" and 3.5" drives in 5.25" bay

One solution to this problem is the eSATApd interface, the other is an embedded dock.
By removing one screw, the USB 3.0 cables can be removed from the case for use elsewhere: Conclusion: The product is quite specific and highly specialized, but it has its own niche of application and will find a buyer.
There are 4 blue SMD LEDs here.
It provides the ability to turn off the power separately
removed drive without removing it, which can be useful to reduce its noise level and wear. 3 https://jiji.ng/headphones/logitech-usb-headset-h340.5" is quite heavy, so it does not move out much, but enough to grab it:
The drive is removed, the front panel is removed:
The cover is open, the ejector mechanism has worked MOD:
We unscrew 8 screws and the metal cover can be removed:
The drive ejection levers are also plastic.USB 3.0 cables just go through the case https://tonaton.co.tz/s_287-spaghetti.It also becomes clear why this box requires two cables at once Two glow constantly when power is applied, two more light up when drives are active.
We cut open the adhesive tape that prevents the box from opening ahead of time, flip the lid and see the dock sandwiched in polyethylene foam inserts along with accessories.
The ventilation of the slots here is somewhat arbitrary, because there are no fans, and the slots from below do not provide airflow to the sides of the 3.5" drive: /> There are two sets of SATA connectors on the rear panel, ventilation slots, and USB 3.0 cables coming out of the case. But you still need to work with 3.5" and 2.5" drives, sometimes you need to change them on the go and it’s not always possible to use a USB adapter for this.
The length of the dock body is 200 mm. Welcome to cat. The switches are small-sized, since they do not directly switch the operating current of the drives.
A 2.5" already pops out half the length and more: 2.5" drive inserted, cover closed: No typography, no postal packages – just a shipping address stuck on cardboard and that’s it. That’s it, we now take a closer look and consider.
do not budge:
The dock comes with two SATA cables, two keys to lock the bays, screws for installation in the case, an instruction booklet and a warranty card. In our time, M.2 drives are firmly established in computers, installed directly on the motherboard and do not require a separate place in the case.
The covers are plastic, so https://tonaton.ng/s_31-garbage-trucks there is a sticker on top of the dock body with a reminder how to pull them correctly:

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