Smoke detector from Xiaomi

The product is delivered in a box of traditional Xiaomi design
If you look inside, you can see the lattice of the labyrinth of the smoke chamber But
for the device to fully participate in scenarios with other gadgets from the smart home system and receive notifications remotely, you still have to purchase a gateway. The sensor is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
The platform is attached to the ceiling either the wall with dowels or
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Slots for the latches on the side < br />According to information from the comments to the review on the old model of the detector, the principle of operation of the sensor is as follows: “In this type, optical sensors are used on an IR emitting LED and a photodetector of the photodiode type.
In the center of the body, the air intake of the smoke chamber protrudes If there are no smoke particles, then the rays are not reflected into the photodiode. Dimensions: 9.5 cm in diameter and 4 cm in height.
as well as everything in Chinese At the very top is the detector’s mounting pad. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules The device is powered by one lithium battery of exotic format CR17450 with a voltage of 3 V.
Almost everything on the box is written in hieroglyphs, apparently the product is intended for the Chinese market
I only found this picture on the net. The main areas of activity are aerospace equipment, technologies for the operation of buildings and industrial facilities, automotive equipment, turbochargers. To pair, press the button several times until the indicator light starts flashing green
back cover and BT 5.0 communication protocol instead of Zigbee, which allows you to use the new smoke detector without a gateway, directly with the MiHome app on your phone. It was not possible to roll up the modified application from above.
It has such a design The new Xiaomi smoke detector called Smoke Sense Guard 2021 is certified in China as a fire protection product. The lower cover of the sensor housing, which is also the mounting platform, has two holes for the complete screws and slots for the clamps
The old application had to be deleted and the mod from Vevs installed on the new one. The manufacturer claims that it should last for 5 years of continuous operation. We set fire to a match and fumigate the smoke chamber
The correct option for this Mi Smoke sensor Detector.
At the bottom of the main window there is an item for creating scenarios involving the device and integrating it with others in the house according to the “If” condition < br /> The main feature of this detector is that it is part of a smart home and is able to remotely notify about the appearance of smoke in the room by sending a notification to the phone. However, there is only a Bluetooth logo on the box.
I found on a Russian-language instruction for the old version of the detector, since the differences between them are minimal, I will use it. But here everything turned out to be not so simple. This allows you to connect the sensor directly to the phone in the MiHome app, and not through the Zigbee gateway as before. I thought that the item after the battery is the sensor sensitivity setting, but clicking on it does nothing, apparently this is the battery charge level.
After that, you can select the location of the sensor, give it a different name and share access for other family members. Inside the box is a modular shipping package.
What is the way out? Either change the region to China, or install a modified MiHome application from Vevs. The direction of equipment automation is occupied by the Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) group of companies, the main applications are building management (providing traditional building management systems: heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and electricity systems) and building security (access systems, security, video surveillance, photo identification , smoke and fire detection, sprinkler control and emergency evacuation). Judging by the data from the page with the product version 5.0.
The delivery set consists of a mounting kit, a removable back cover, a Smoke Sense Guard 2021 detector, a battery and instructions If Xiaomi needs no introduction, Honeywell deserves a few words.
I absolutely did not want this, since the application already paired a vacuum cleaner with a rendered apartment map and verified restricted areas on it.
The device, like a conventional smoke detector, is controlled by a single oblong button with a LED The device is equipped with a smoke detector from the American company Honeywell and a built-in sound alarm with a volume above 80 dB.
After a couple of seconds, the sensor squealed piercingly and the red backlight lit up This experience gives hope that the joint product with Xiaomi – Smoke Sense Guard 2021 is not a fun trinket from the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem, but
a full-fledged fire-fighting device that can be trusted with security functions. A red warning window appears on the application screen, and the logs are written in Chinese I consider the device useful, although I hope I will not have to verify this in practice. The company was founded in 1906 in Minneapolis. The new version, unlike the old one, works via Bluetooth, and not via the Zigbee protocol. The product was provided for writing a review by the store.
But it makes little sense to purchase such a gadget as a simple sound detector, since analogues are several times cheaper. With promo code BGc13762 Xiaomi smoke detector price
There are many holes around the perimeter of the air intake chamber, probably for a sound detector
Then the application will load the plug-in for configuring and controlling the smoke sensor.
Let’s check how the detector works. But in the sensors section, there were already 2 smoke detectors: Mi Smart Smoke Detector and Mi Smoke Detector The first option did not suit me, since the application notified that after changing the server, paired devices will be permanently deleted. Here it is recommended to install the sensor on the ceiling at a distance of at least 50 cm from the wall or on an inclined plane of no more than 45 degrees and also with an indent of at least 50 cm from the edge.
Pairing went without
problems It is also not allowed near the window, the distance should be 1.5 m from the window and there are no recommendations regarding installation on the wall. Weight 140 grams. Xiaomi Gateway 3 is suitable for this sensor.
The mounting kit consists of two small dowels with screws and double-sided adhesive tape < br /> As I expected, the detector is intended for the Chinese market and in my MiHome application with the Russia region installed, this sensor simply does not exist.
In the sensor settings, the information is partially in Chinese. It is an American corporation producing electronic control and automation systems I planned to put the sensor on the ceiling above the stove, but the instructions for the old version of the sensor do not recommend doing this.
Started from the first one and, as always, did not guess correctly

Smoke detector from Xiaomi

If the detector is not turned off, then the sound will grow and grow until it is completely unbearable. I don’t have a gateway yet and I will use the application. I first looked for a smoke detector in the "Alarms" section, but it was not there. The background changes to red when the sensor is triggered. Placed at an angle to each other in a dark chamber like a light maze. The device is part of the Xiaomi smart home system and integrates with other products of the Mi Home ecosystem.
In the announcements for the product, I met information that The new detector supports Bluetooth 4.2 and Zigbee 1.2 wireless technologies.

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